Released in 1993,
available on compact disc only

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A set of Classic Sea Chanteys sung by the Ancient Mariner Chanterymen.

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  • Clear the Track, Let the Bulgine Run
  • Roll the Woodpile Down
  • Away Rio
  • Doodle Let Me Go
  • Herzogin Cecile
  • Last Leviathan
  • Roll Down
  • Santiano
  • A Sailor Ain't A Sailor
  • Cape Cod Girls
  • Donkey Riding
  • Heave Away
  • Essequibo River
  • Mingulay Boat Song
  • Old Moke Picking On a Banjo
  • This Dreadful Life I'm Livin'
  • Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her

    *There is also a companion music book to this recording, Favorite Sea Songs of the Ancient Mariners Chanteymen, written by Howard Hornstein.